Sometimes you want to reward customers for purchasing additional items from your store.

You can do this by using the following formula within your shipping settings:


£4.50 + ( 1 * [qty] )

Demonstrated in our quick video below:

In this example, we are NOT using the shipping classes. If you are using shipping classes (various package sizes), you should keep the initial "Cost" field empty or this will be included in your shipping rates.

Apply this to various shipping classes

If you are using shipping classes, you could do something like this:

Free Shipping: 0.00

Large letter: 5 + ( 1 * [qty] )

Large package: 15 + ( 1 * [qty] )

With the above example, if the customer added 2 items, 1 item classed as "large letter" and 1 item classed as "large package", their shipping would be £22.00 (£20+2) - Any additional items added that are either large letter or large package will only add an additional £1.