Some of your products may need various customer selected fields. Eg. Colour, size, file upload etc. The first thing to consider is which field type you need. Attribute, Variation or Addon.

Introducing Attributes

Product attributes allow you to specify product details. Simply put, these attributes can be used to filter products down further on the website. 

Two examples of an attributes that could be assigned to your product:

Dispatches in:

  • 1-3 days


  • Blue

By setting these attributes, you're allowing the website to filter by these and show your product.

Introducing Variations

As well as setting attributes for filtering, you can set an attribute to create a variation by ticking "Use as variation". In the below screenshot we're using Size as a variation.

You can then use the "Variations" tab in the sidebar and create all your variations in one go using the "Variations Bulk Options".

When to use variations

A variation is great for when you wish to offer several variations of the product for sale (like size or colour).

By setting up a variation, you're able to control settings within each option such as the price of the variation or product image.

For example:

You may wish to assign an image to each colour available so your customer knows exactly what shade of blue is available


You may wish to offer different sizes and set a price for each size.

You can offer an unlimited amount of variable choices that stack together. It's important however to note that when using attributes with variations, each attribute has to be priced.

For example:

If you have 5 colours and 5 sizes. You will have 10 variation combinations:

  1. Red: XS
  2. Red: S
  3. Red: M
  4. Red: L
  5. Red: XL
  6. Blue: XS
  7. Blue: S
  8. Blue: M
  9. Blue: L
  10. Blue: XL

Each option above will require a price to show the customer. Of course if all the prices are the same you can utilise the bulk edit drop down tool to set all the variations to the same price:

Quick video demo

*Please note our current screen recording software does not show drop down menus (we're working on a new solution for this).

Introducing Product Addons

Addons are great for when you would like to offer your customers additional options on top of the initial product. Usually these addons are used for customising an order but they can be used for all sorts of options.

For example:

You may wish to ask the customer to enter a name for a custom order or ask them to upload a file.


You may wish to allow the customer to choose from a range of colours (instead of using a attribute variation above).


You may want to offer gift wrapping as an optional extra:

Frontend preview: